Chef Isaac Cunnington aka Sushi Sensei

Chef Isaac Cunnington, known as the Sushi Sensei, began making sushi when his brother bet him that he couldn’t. Several years into his sushi journey, Chef Isaac Cunnington was hired on the spot by Fisherman’s Market. This is where he honed his fish anatomy skills and began acquiring all of his professional sushi knowledge.

Not long thereafter, Chef Issac hosted a 12-person sushi inctruction class simply as a favor. Following the event, it was recommended he start offering it as a service, and the rest is history! Years later, Isaac runs a highly successful sushi-instructing business in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. From this arose the demand for him to privately prepare sushi for the eager and adventurous; and led his directly to our open doors.

Hand Roll Sushi Class

In this 1 hour hands-on sushi course, we focus on creating unique flavors and experiences through Sushi Hand rolls. We start our class with Edamame and learning about tools and techniques of the trade. We'll quickly dive into the origins of sushi rolling our way through Sashimi, Nigiri, and landing finally on Temaki. Once we understand the basics we will open it up and let people sample different combinations of ingredients and styles.

Cost: $75 per person

Cut and Rolled Sushi Class

During this 2 hour hands on sushi rolling course, we'll start off learning about the tools & tricks of the trade. We'll cover everything from vocabulary to knife skills. After we understand the basics, we will dive into the origins of sushi and roll (and eat) our way to modern day touching on Sashimi, Nigiri, Hosomaki, and Futomaki. While dabbling with sushi creation, we'll take a deep dive into sake - learning about how its made, what goes into the process, and how to speak intelligently about it.

Everyone will leave the class with a Sushi Starter Kit, which contains everything the at-home sushi chef needs to be successful.

Cost: $100 per person

The Salmon Boat

Designed for the salmon lover, this spread delivers roll after roll of the gorgeously hued fish. Fresh and rich, salmon pairs perfectly with the briney homemade sushi rice & fresh vegetables.

Mid-way through your spread, take a smoke break as Isaac serves up a few cuts of regionally sourced, hours-long smoked steelhead. Finish off with a roll featuring both atlantic salmon AND the more citrus-inclined ahi tuna.





    Cost: $110 per person

The Tuna Boat

The most popular of Isaac's spreads, the Tuna Boat features both traditional and modern takes on the versatile fish. Ahi, Albacore, and Hamachi layer the smorgasbord of rolls spinning off Chef's board and onto your chopsticks.

Its no holds barred, as Isaac uses his years of experience and creativity to up the ante each time he gets to wow another dinner party. If you're looking for the classics AND the modern, this is the spread you're looking for.



    Cost: $115 per person


The Omakase Experience

The VIP of all sushi experiences, this is the option to take your party to the next level. Also for the adventurous, just sit back and enjoy as Isaac serves up the freshest, most mouth-watering presentation of his trade you'll ever find.

Utilizing fresh fish sourced from around the world, this executive treatment includes sashimi, nigiri, handrolls, maki, and a few fish you've likely never even heard of. This is the option for you, if you want to impress your out-of-town friends, or throw the bachelor/bachelorette party everyone will be talking about for ages.



Cost: $190 per person,


$150 per person, if party of 10 of more