Chef Isaac Cunnington aka Sushi Sensei

Chef Isaac Cunnington, known as the Sushi Sensei, started making sushi when his brother bet him that he couldn’t. Several years into his sushi journey Chef Isaac Cunnington applied and was hired on the spot by Fisherman’s Market. Fisherman’s Market is where he honed his skills and earned all of his professional sushi knowledge.

After being laid off in the first round of the Covid-19 pandemic, he hosted a 12 person out of town sushi class. After the event, it was recommended he start offering it as a paid service, and the rest is history!

Hand Roll Sushi Class
In this one hour, hands on sushi course we focus on the creating unique flavors and experiences through Sushi Hand rolls. We will start our class with Edamame and learning about tools and techniques of the trade. Then we dive into the origins of sushi rolling our way through Sashimi, Nigiri, and landing on Temaki. Once we understand the basics we will open it up and let people sample different combinations of ingredients and styles.

Cost: $75 per person

Cut and Rolled Sushi Class
During this 2 hour, hands on sushi rolling course we will start off learning about the tools and tricks of the trade. We will cover everything from vocabulary to knife skills. After we understand the basics, We will dive into the origins of sushi and roll (and eat) our way to the modern day touching on Sashimi, Nigiri, Hosomaki, and Futomaki. While we are dabbling with sushi creation, we will take a deep dive into sake learning about how its made, what goes into the process and how to speak intelligently about it. Everyone will leave the class with a Sushi Starter Kit that contains everything the at home sushi chef needs to be successful.

Cost: $100 per person