Chef Eric Nelson

Eric B. Nelson is the Executive Chef at the Davenport Grand in Spokane, Washington and owner of The Gallivanting Chef. He spent several years as the executive chef at the Italian Kitchen, then the sous chef at the Historic Davenport, as well as teaching culinary students and volunteering.

Eric’s notable accomplishments include the Chihuly Menu at the Historic Davenport Hotel, First Place at the Washington Potato Contest (2014) and First Place at Red Hot Nights (2018).

Course 1: Wild and Spicy Italian
Sautéed Wild Mushroom Risotto with a smoked Harissa sauce

Course 2: The Wild American
Wild Mushroom Gravy over fully loaded Tater Tots

Course 3: The Fungi Greek
Wild Mushroom Duxelles and Pesto Phyllo Bites

Course 4: Wild Andes
Wild mushroom, lima bean, quinoa, baby kale stir fry

Cost: $120 per person

Course 1: Don't Forget the Fish
Smoked Egg Yolk on pan seared trout and an herbed cracker

Course 2: Diablo Rancheros
Deviled Eggs with Cotija, Tasso Ham, and Peppers

Course 3: CbP2
Cappelini tossed with a mustard bernaise topped with prosciutto and Parmesan

Course 4: Taurus Rising
Herb cured egg yolk on buttered beef tournades

Course 5: Basil Nelson
Basil Creme Brulee with a Basil Hayden glacé

Cost: $115 per person

Course 1: The Meaty Goat
Deep-fried goat cheese with grilled skirt steak & chimi-verde

Course 2: The Saucey Goat
Goat cheese gnuddi with pomodoro & wild mushrooms

Course 3: The Bitter-Sweet Goat
Endive filled with herberd goat cheese, cranberries, roasted hazelnut, and chiffonade basil

Course 4: The Crunchy Goat
Sauteed red cabbage slaw with almonds, allspice, candied apples, goat cheese, and balsamic reduction

Course 5: The Dessert Goat
Goat cheese & blueberry-stuffed fried wanton, drizzled with wild honey

Cost: $125 per person