Chef Chad White

Chef Chad White was first recognized for his work at his restaurant Sea Rocket Bistro in 2010 where he was named the “Seafood Maverick of San Diego”.
After competing on Top Chef finishing in the Top 10, Chef Chad returned to his hometown of Spokane, Washington where he has since opened Award Winning Zona Blanca Ceviche Bar (2016) where he has received the award of Best New Restaurant and Chef of the Year now, for 5 years running.
Since 2019, Chef Chad White has opened 3 restaurants, High Tide Lobster Bar with 2 locations, and TTs Old Iron Brewery and BBQ.
Below is a sample menu of what you might expect. Menu intended as an example only.
Carrot Aguachile
Yellowfin tuna, carrot-habanero aguachile, poached & pickled carrots, charred avocado
Oysters Zarandeado
Hama Hama oysters roasted with achiote aioli, lime, cilantro
Compressed Watermelon
Seed salsa, fingerlimes, queso anejo, tangerine jam
Cauliflower Al Pastor
Smoked cauliflower in banana leaves, pineapple hot sauce, pickled red onion, chicharrones
Duck Duck Mole
Duck breast, foie gras, mole negro, burnt squash brittle
Hokkaido A5 Wagyu Gooseneck
Smoked eggplant puree, goji jam, sesame
Smashed Plantain
Hoja Santa ice cream, papaya, tepache pineapple, corn cookie

Chef Chad White will be offering his Chef’s Choice 5 course meal custom made for each event. Chef Chad will take any food allergies into consideration but will make a unique menu depending on what is in season and his own artistry!

Cost: $160-$200 per person