Chef Amanda Hillman

Amanda Ann Hillman is chef owner and operator of Modernist Cooks. Prior to 2016, when Modernist Cooks was established Amanda oversaw operations at Blue Fish, Blackbird, and Sala Thai. In recent accomplishments, Amanda was the Chef Garde Manger at Wandering Table and Executive Chef of both The Red Lion Hotel and The Globe.

Course 1: Yum Woosen
Cold clear noodle salad with shrimp, meatballs, herbs, peanuts, spice, and citrus flavors.

Course 2: Sour Spicy Bamboo Chicken Soup
Tamarind, Chicken , tomato, lime leaf,lemongrass, mushroom and spice, make an aromatic mouthwatering soup.

Course 3: Pad Thai w/ Lime
Rice noodle, sweet and savory sauce, bean sprouts, cured cabbage, friend tofu, egg, scallions, and squeeze of limes.

Course 4: Savory Lemongrass Chicken
Yellow curry rubbed, herbs, spice, marinated, grilled, served with sticky rice, cucumber slices, and leaf lettuce.

Course 5: Sweet Mango Rice
Coconut pandan sticky rice w/ sliced mango and sugar pepper dipping sauce

Cost: $160 per person